Product hunt

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product hunt

Make it wearable intel contest

Hiroyuki Hamada

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Love this space shuttle aesthetic.

If you hear yourself saying any of these things, you might be controlled by the Resistance, AKA the Lizard Brain. Breathe, reframe, “keep starting.”

From Maria Nemeth in Mastering Life’s Energies.

“What do you mean I am not trying? I am trying harder than you think!”

“I cannot believe she talked to me that way.”

“I will never be as good as ____.”

“I tried so hard or gave so much, but nobody responded.”

“When you reach a certain age, no one will hire you.”

“I could not make it because I had more important things to do.”

“There is a part of me that doesn’t have a clue.”

“If I can pull all the pieces floating around in my head together, then I will be okay.”

New Cintiq Companion

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Sweet Bus

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Time Lapse of New York

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… thought you might like it. Time Lapse of new York!

Gleanings from NEXT Berlin

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Of course, Bruce Sterling awesomeness

Digest this one slowly:

And another conference to visit next year:

Tedx Berkeley Take aways

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No-so-live blogging Tedx Berkeley.

Fascinating stories about people pivoting their careers to pursue their passions.

Chris Anderson, author of The Long Tail, now accidental kickstarter and CEO of 3d Robotics, a hobbyist drone manufacturer who uses Mexico as his competitive advantage in manufacturing:

My takeaway. Whenever he started to explore a new field of interest, he would rather “look stupid in public” than be smart in private. He would start a new website.

Fathering – started
Drones – started which eventually led him to founding the company he’s part of now.

Story here:

18 minutes

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Peter Bergman’s 18 minutes addresses a hole in GTD: how to prioritize.

18 Minutes: Find Your Focus, Master Distraction, and Get the Right Things Done